Ever since the social media platforms started picking up,
it gave rise to a new method of marketing, influencer marketing.
Influencer marketing is where a social media influencer subtly promotes your brand or product,
either by talking about it, using it as a prop or subtly mentioning it in their content.

Who is a social media influencer?

A social media influencer is someone who has gained a loyal following of audience and gained credibility in a particular industry.
A large number of audiences follow them thus giving them the ability to persuade their audience.
Influencer marketing is surely on rise with more and more marketers increasing their annual budget for this method.
From exposure, brand awareness to instant attention & publicity, the marketer is benefited for every penny spent.

So why say yes to Influencer Marketing?

Cuts through the Advertising Blindfold:

Decades of advertising has made the audience immune, blind to ads.
Nowadays the traditional methods are not persuasive enough for the people.
Influencer marketing on the other hand because of its not so pushy nature subtly
registers the brand or product in people’s minds.

Offers a great Return on Investment:

The marketer here is truly benefited for every penny spent;
rather it outweighs the cost making the ROI very high.
Apart from monetary return on investment it also
complements the brand with exposure, recognition, publicity.

Boosts Brand Awareness with its unlimited reach potential:

One can’t set the reach a social media influencer could have.
The audience reach is unlimited and that’s good for the marketer.
It instantly boosts brand awareness and makes your brand the sudden topic of interest.

Builds trust & adds credibility:

When a social media influencer who is known to a certain number of
followers promotes your brand or product it adds credibility & builds trust amongst
the audience about your brand or product, drives their purchasing behaviour.
In turn, increases business.

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