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If you think we are cool employer, we’d say the term is ‘Too Mainstream’ to describe Value Direct!

Here’s why ‘Value Direct’ stands different

Value Direct is dedicated to promoting diversity & inclusion within the organization. To keep up to with these core values, every employee here is expected to take personal responsibility for promoting diversity, and foster an inclusive environment.


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We have no dearth of viewpoints & ideas poured in from people of different backgrounds. Our core strength lies in the ability to accumulate all great ideas & standing strong as a melting point of cultures.

Value Direct identifies every employee as a GEM of the company, as they shine bright in their own zones. When these hand-picked unique GEMS become a part of Value Direct, they are nurtured & polished with ample of LEARNING focusing on lateral thinking, personal grooming, creative discussions, a shared vision and team learning – that starts at a stage when an employer joins Value Direct.

The low attrition rate is a result of our successful human resource policy as employees view the company as a long term career prospect. This place is a ‘perfect fit’ for all those who are inclined to work in a discrimination-free company.

Value Direct believes women leadership is yet another reason that sets our company different from others. Half of the department heads are our Amazing women.

So guys, if you are from ‘YO’ generation & just looking for ‘cool’ environment with some hip culture! This is not the right place for you.

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